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Helium 5G

Building the wireless infrastructure of the future

Our current main objective is to help bring Helium 5G to Europe and truly initiate the paradigm shift represented by decentralised wireless technology.

Funded through a grant from the Helium Foundation, Galiot is exploring the possibility of launching the first pilot site in Europe.

This will be crucial to enkindle interest among the industry, media and political landscape.

"Helium Foundation is excited to support the Galiot team with a grant to pursue a CBRS equivalent in the EU and bring Helium 5G beyond the US. The Galiot team has been dedicated contributors to the Helium ecosystem for years and we look forward to the outcome of their work engaging regulatory and government leaders in the EU."

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IoT has two limiting factors -
Imagination and Cost

With Galiot’s Data-as-a-Service all you need to bring is imagination. We will find the correct solution, map out a road for implementation and present you with a complete overview of the costs. For most customers the opportunity to have a fixed monthly cost to gauge against the expected return makes it very easy to decide which projects to pursue.

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Helium Hotspot hosting service -
Decentralized wireless at scale

Besides being one of the first adopters of the Helium Network in Europe Galiot also became one of the largest deployers of hotspots through an innovative and highly successful model of revenue sharing with our hosts.

Our experience in crypto allowed us to give our hosts the choice to have us handle all things crypto as well as automate payments, accounting and taxation.

Bringing Helium LoRaWan to Stockholm
Granting industrial customers access to DeWi without the need to handle crypto
First in Northern Europe
500+ hotspots deployed
Automated payments
AI-assisted location optimization
Cryptotax counseling


We are on a mission to build the connected future today

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Martin Ascard

Martin is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background ranging from electric car startup to exoskeleton R&D. Blockchain and decentralised finance expert.

Erik Lindstedt

Head of Operations
Erik has over ten years of experience building successful businesses and managing people and operations in an executive role.
Image of  Marcus Zethraeus

Marcus Zethraeus

Director of IoT Solutions

Marcus is an AI & Data strategy expert with a background management consulting at Boston Consulting Group. Marcus has founded and led several digital-first ventures including Cloudcom & Predli.
Image of Alexander Fred-Ojala

Alexander Fred-Ojala

Chief Strategist

Alexander is an expert on emerging technology business applications specializing in AI, data science, and blockchain technology. He is the AI and Blockchain Director of the Learn2Launch Program at UC Berkeley and former Data Lab Research Director at UC Berkeley's Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.
Image of  Malcolm Horal

Malcolm Horal

Malcolm is a web and cloud expert experienced within signals intelligence.