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Image of Martin Ascard
Martin Ascard
Martin is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background ranging from electric car startup to exoskeleton R&D. Blockchain and decentralised finance expert.
Image of  Malcolm Horal
Malcolm Horal
Malcolm is a web and cloud expert experienced within signals intelligence.
Image of  Marcus Zethraeus
Marcus Zethraeus
Director of IoT Solutions

Marcus is an AI & Data strategy expert with a background management consulting at Boston Consulting Group. Marcus has founded and led several digital-first ventures including Cloudcom & Predli.
Image of  Anna Norelius
Anna Norelius
Head of Business Development
Anna is an engineer and ex. management consultant with profound tech expertise. She has developed scenario-based strategy on a board-level for global companies and organizations.
Image of Alexander Fred-Ojala
Alexander Fred-Ojala
Chief Strategist

Alexander is an expert on emerging technology business applications specializing in AI, data science, and blockchain technology. He is the AI and Blockchain Director of the Learn2Launch Program at UC Berkeley and former Data Lab Research Director at UC Berkeley's Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.
Lejla Hodzic
Head of Customer Relations
Lejla is a curious and warm person with endless energy and a strong passion for tech. She manages our community of hosts and continuously improves our operations.
Head of Operations
Erik has over ten years of experience building successful businesses and managing people and operations in an executive role.
Mats-Hjalmar Murman
Tech Intern