Provide network coverage from a free hotspot and earn money

Join the movement to connect your city. Become a Galiot host for free, and be part of a vibrant community while earning money.
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Join a community of hosts connecting the world in a whole new way

Host a hotspot to connect your city

Join other Galiot hosts and provide your city with kilometers of network coverage on the Helium Network. A network which already supplies coverage for thousands of devices and is growing rapidly.

hotspot in buildings connected to various things

Start earning money

Get rewarded for building out the network. You get paid each quarter and can choose to get paid in SEK or in the cryptocurrency HNT.

Person sitting with bubbles of HNT and SEK above in the air.

How much your hotspot earns mostly depends on

high building with arrow beside it pointing upwards
Your hotspot provides better network coverage the higher it is placed.
A tall building with a hotspot beaconing beside three smaller ones below it
Clear view
The hotspot can receive and send data better if there are few obstructions in the way.
group of hotspots connected
Density of hotspots in area
A hotspot is best placed between 300m to 3km of neighboring hotspots. If there are too few or too many in a area, you earn less.
disc layers in a stack visualising saved sensor data
Sensor data
The reward increases with the number of IoT devices nearby that sends data through your hotspot.

What our hosts say

Sara, Stockholm
I liked the idea of not having to pay upfront to have a hotspot, not knowing what it would result in. Now I enjoy getting some extra cash by just having a hotspot in my window.

Elevation: Very good
Clear view: Good
Density of hotspots in area: Optimal
Martin, Stockholm
I placed my hotspot at a window in the attic in my apartment building. My WiFi did not reach up there, so the guys from Galiot gave me a 4G router to connect it to. Now it sits up there and does a better job than it did in my apartment at the bottom floor.

Elevation: Good
Clear view: Good
Density of hotspots in area: Optimal
Adam, Lomma
I wanted to put an antenna on the roof to get better coverage in my town. Galiot helped me with all the supplies and shipped it to me for free. Now it gives much better coverage, I earn more and the hotspot is out of the way at the attic.

Elevation: Ok
Clear view: Very good (360 degrees)
Density of hotspots in area: Too low

It’s seriously simple to get started

a form with a pen over it
Apply & wait for approval
a power cord
Receive hotspot, connect to Wi-Fi & place it by a window
a circle with HNT symbol overlapping a circle with the letters SEK
Get rewarded in tokens or cash

Join the galiot community and build the network of the future.

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